Our business is a craft of olive wood processing “folk art” by M.Prodromou, has been operating since 1989 and it is family business that is constantly advancing.
It is just 6 kms at the north-east of the city of Mytilini, at Pamfila.
We are working with the olive trees over forty years now and our creations travel to popular destinations in all over Greece, and abroad in the last fourteen years.
All our items are HANDMADE and there is no mass production. The raw materials come exclusively from Lesbian olive groves. The olive wood is very hard and durable and is ideal for items of everyday use such as cutting boards, kitchenware, bowls, mortars etc. The wooden items also resist high temperatures, do not wear out from use and so they are the perfect solution for hygiene reasons. They can be washed properly so that no bacteria can develop.
We exclusively use virgin olive oil to give shine to our products and our guide is the environmental awareness that we have developed over these years.
We invite you to visit our display store, located above the workshop in Pamfila, to feel the sense of olive tree in its natural environment. The hot color of the wood, its exquisite aroma and the jagged water of the wood is charming. You can buy products for household, personal use and as well as decorative objects.
Furthermore, in our display store you can find cosmetics made of eco virgin olive oil from Greek olive groves that are effective and highly valued. They are natural cosmetics of excellent quality, certified by the E.U., and with visible results from the first day of use, since the olive oil is rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants.
We believe that when you leave, not only will you have a souvenir but also a part of our soul and love.

Olive Wood House
Hand made crafts